Bluegrass Ukulele Celebration with Dr. Dennis

How to Play Bluegrass Banjo Songs on the Ukulele in 6 Months!

Starting on October 19th - 8:00 am Pacific Daylight Savings Time

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Have you always wanted to play a musical instrument that delights the ear and stirs your soul but never got around to it? Or do you now play an instrument but feel the same old songs have become boring? Well let me share with you an exciting new way of playing that has revolutionized my musical world and made it almost impossible to let the day pass without picking up the uke with sheer joy!

The discovery I have made is “Bluegrass Ukulele” and I am excited about sharing my music technique with others. Our approach can take you from almost no musical knowledge at all, to the place of playing pulse pounding bluegrass which sounds like a hammered dulcimer on steroids. Interested in learning more?

Bluegrass Ukulele Celebration - Beginner’s Course is an online weekly instruction membership which provides video instruction, song sheets, tablature, chord charts and more. The learning experience is charted out on a 5 stage Success Path™ which ensures weekly progress toward the goal of playing many bluegrass songs on the ukulele by the end of the course. A weekly opportunity to chat with the instructor on a Facebook Group encourages individualized learning. 

My #1 Tip for Beginners - When first learning a bluegrass piece, memorize the melody in your mind up to speed, but begin playing it slowly and evenly before gradually increasing the tempo. 

Here is an overview of the training

in easy to follow “baby steps.”

  • In Stage 1 you will get a ukulele just right for you and start playing basic chords.

  • In Stage 2 you will learn how to play special music notation called tablature and master your first basic bluegrass picking patterns.

  • In Stage 3 you will grow as a more disciplined player with many more bluegrass songs and begin to excel as a singer.

  • In Stage 4 you will explore how to play alongside others and even dare to play solos

  • In Stage 5 you will pull it all together reviewing all you have learned thus far and lay the foundation for even more advanced playing.

If you want to learn how play Bluegrass banjo songs on the ukulele in 6 months - this is the BEST place for you!



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How Bluegrass Ukulele Celebration

with Dr. Dennis got started.

  • What to expect:

      You will be sent a weekly lesson which will be made available on Mondays.

      In these lessons, you will receive video instructions, music lyric and chord sheets, tablature and other tips on instruction.

      On Friday you will have an opportunity to share your progress and concerns about the week’s lesson through a Facebook Group chat with the instructor.

      The course will take 6 months to complete.

      It is important that you have access to a Tenor Ukulele with a high G 4th string. An electronic tuner is recommended, though not required.

    My Philosophy of Bluegrass Ukulele - Bluegrass is not the exclusive domain of banjo and mandolin but should be celebrated with the ukulele's distinctive sound!

    Drs. Dennis and Janet Fisher

    perform together as the music group Pair-a-Docs. They are so named because each has a doctoral degree.  As a couple they love using music to connect with their audience. It has been a delight to add tenor and baritone ukes to the other instruments they play. Pair-a-Docs are folksingers who will inform your mind, inspire your heart and tickle your funny bone.


    What Others Have to Say About their experience with "Bluegrass Ukulele"

    “Hi my name is Dan. I took up the ukulele about five years ago. I enjoy strum-alongs, but I was looking for something new to learn that wasn't too difficult. I love bluegrass music, so when I learned that Dennis Fisher was teaching bluegrass uke, I commenced taking lessons from him. I was impressed by how much fun bluegrass is to play, and I appreciated the gradual methodical approach to teaching that Dennis subscribes to and that builds early confidence. Dennis has truly added to the fun I have playing uke.”

    “Hello there! It’s Audrey here. I teach ukulele to kids and adults down at the Strum Shop in Roseville, California. I got to know Dennis as we co led a ukulele strum along group at the store. It was exciting to hear him perform banjo techniques on the uke and the crowd really enjoyed playing along with his bluegrass style. His innovative way of playing does generate a unique sound. Why don't you check it out?"

    “Howdy, I’m Wayne I have loved acoustic stringed music all my life but never tried to play. At 66 I picked up a ukulele and started to learn to play a few chords. I met Dennis Fisher and he turned me on to bluegrass banjo style played on my ukulele. I'll be 68 this year and I am playing some nice songs.  I recommend Dennis’ teaching to anyone who desires to expand their uke repertoire or want to add a new and exciting sound to what they already know.”

    “Hi! Carla here to tell you how much I enjoyed Dr. Dennis Fisher’s Bluegrass Ukulele workshop. My musical life started in Hawaii & finds me now in California where I still play music with family, friends & my bands, Ho’opili & SoLunAire. As a jazz, blues, pop, reggae, rock, country & Hawaiian uke player, I hoped Dennis’ Bluegrass Uke workshop wouldn’t be just another ‘Clawhammer Uke’ session in disguise. I was immediately delighted to see that Dennis had done what no one else had managed to do beforehand.   He had unlocked the essence of Bluegrass & applied it to the uke! His material was brilliantly laid out as a foundation for beginner, intermediate & advanced non-Bluegrass players to understand the melodic, rhythmic & harmonic movements of this beloved music tradition. Bravo, Dennis! Well done!”

    "My name is Dan Elliott and I own and operate the Strum Shop in Roseville, California. A while back I received a request from a student to learn banjo techniques on the ukulele. I contacted Dennis Fisher, our banjo instructor, and shared the request. At first, Dennis seemed reluctant to try such a mix of music traditions. But I encouraged him to borrow a uke and give it a chance. He did. And since then, I have been amazed to hear "Foggy Mountain Breakdown," " Dueling Banjos" and many other bluegrass classics ringing forth from his ukulele. I am excited about what Dennis is doing with bluegrass uke and encourage you to look into this way of playing!"

    These testimonials were exciting to read, weren’t they? And these players’ musical experiences can be yours as well. Enroll today!



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    Dennis Fisher has been playing banjo for over 50 years. He was privileged to study bluegrass banjo under Warren Kennison, Jr. who helped the legendary Earl Scruggs develop his instruction manual. Having professionally taught banjo, Dennis also has performed for Ronald Reagan and played with music groups around the world. Several years ago, Dennis was asked to adapt banjo songs on the ukulele for a student at the Strum Shop where he works in Roseville California. This was life changing as Bluegrass Ukulele Celebration was born! Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Rocky Top, Dueling Banjos and many more classic bluegrass songs sound like a “hammered dulcimer on steroids” when played on the uke. Come join the fun!

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    Once completing the Beginner’s Course for Bluegrass Ukulele Celebration, what is the next step? Keep an eye out for Bluegrass Ukulele Celebration – Intermediate Course.

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